Privacy Notice

Declaration of Privacy

Ok, so you want to order.... that means you will have to make an account. Sorry, that is how the WebShop system works. (Hey, it was for free!)

But the good thing is that none of your private information will be used for other than the transaction between the webshop and you.

I don't allow any other form of use. By the way I truly despise any advertising in general and on the web in particular so I guarantee privacy all the way up to the front door of the server. Several safeguards have been build in the system to preserve your privacy.

Now, if you still want to be kicked out of the database, no problem. Give me an email and I will personally erase you from the system with a few clicks. And NO.... you don't get any mails, adds, newsletters etc. or any other garbage in your mailbox anymore. (unlike all these so called "unsubscribe" buttons on the bottom.)