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Dear visitor,

As a fellow amateur Ducatisti race fan I too came across the exorbitante prices being asked for Ducati motorcycles and race parts.

Now as a consequence of my present employment (international airline pilot) I am able to meet and negotiate directly with the manufacturers of these kind of products. So I found out that prices are sometimes 5 to 7 times the manufacturers prices.

Alright fellas let's get real! This way riding or racing a motorcycle isn't much fun. Let alone riding a Ducati...

This shop was therefor created to let Joe-Average also give his share of the low prices being asked by the manufacturers. That is why selling will only be done between private parties. So no selling to companies. That means no discounts, tax deduction etc.

All the discounts are included in the prices you see in this webshop!

By keeping a low stock and regular negotiations with the manufacturers I try to keep prices low as possible. That is why you will only find limit amounts in stock. However every that is in stock is in the webshop. Not in stock? Than it will not be in the shop.

Quality questions: People frequently ask me about the quality/price relation. That's understandable as you don't see these prices every day. Basically I test all items before selling them on my race bikes during training and racing. One of the best test places as seen from an amateurs point of view, i.e. hard and heavy exposure of the part. Furthermore, I frequently visit the manufacturer for checking how the manufacturing proces evolves.

I try to see the part through the eyes of the customer. If it's no good, it's not in the webshop. Furthermore. Not satisfied it can be returned without questions.

Latest News: As a consequence of the much lower value of the Euro against the US dollar, prizes are unfortunately raises. However I will only raise the price on new products. That is why you'll see that some products with a different color are more expensive because they were bought from the factory at a higher exchange rate. The "old" inventory is still sold for the price they were bought for from the factory.